Iran rejects alleged violation of rights of religious minorities


TehranApril 13, IRNA – Head of the Women Fraction of Majlis Fatemeh Rahbar on Sunday rejected as ˈhostileˈ the western media allegation that human rights of the religious minorities are not observed in Iran.

Addressing a group of Austrian and Swiss female activists in Tehran, Rahbar said, ˈWestern media propaganda that rights of religious minorities are not observed in Iran is ˈhostileˈ and is in line with the hegemonic policies of western governments.ˈ

Rahabar said followers of divine religions lead a peaceful life in Iran historically in many social, economic and cultural domains and the western propaganda that rights of religious minorities are not observed is irrelevant.

She underlined effective contribution of women to scientific, technological and economic progress of Iran and said that after victory of the Islamic Revolution many measures were adopted to support active presence of women in various domains.

She said that presently, more than 62 percent of those admitted in various universities are women.

She added that that Iranˈs Constitution does not discriminate men over women and considers them equal and women can alike men are engaged in social, political, cultural and economic activities.

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