Amnesty International’s Report on Black Thursday, April 2014


“What I witnessed revived the memories of the past five years; beatings of people in the streets, arrests, solitary confinement, attacks on the university dormitories, and what took place in Kahrizak Detention Centre”

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, prisoner of conscience, describing his account of the events in an open letter.

This briefing concerns an incident that occurred on 17 April 2014 in Evin Prison in Tehran when Iranian security officials are reported to have subjected inmates of the Prison’s Section 350, which is used to hold political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, to sustained brutality and assaults while ostensibly conducting a search of their cells. According to information from prisoners’ open letters and from family members who subsequently gained access to the prisoners, a large group of security officials, including some in plain clothes and wearing masks, assaulted prisoners over a period of several hours after entering Section 350 early on the morning of 17 April. As a result of the assaults, many prisoners are reported to have sustained injuries, such as fractures, cuts and bruises, some of which were still visible when their relatives gained access to them days later. Those carrying out the assaults are said to have included Ministry of Intelligence officials and members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) who, between them, control some sections of Evin Prison.  Full Amnesty International Report can be found here.  Black Thursday AI Report

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