Mother’s Language Advocate Arrested

According to a recent report from HRANA news agency Alireza Farshi Yekanli, manager of a Facebook campaign dedicated to promoting UNESCO’s International Day for Mother Languages (IDML) was arrested on Saturday, February 21st, when IDML is usually celebrated around the world. Yekanli was arrested in Tehran and directly sent to Evin prison. 

A campaign to promote mother languages in Iran was reportedly launched last month and was gathering signatures from local governing agencies in an effort to organize large celebrations. It is worth noting that last year, Yekanli, who was previously a professor at the International Jolfa University was arrested under similar circumstances at an IDML celebration in Tehran, along with ethnic Azeri activists. He was later arrested on a 100,000 million Toman bail.

The spate of restrictions against IDML celebrations, last week, three activists named Amin Hajiko, Elam Akbarloo, and Araz Khase Nejad were arrested and detained in the city of Khoui.


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