A Shift in Rhetoric on LGBTI by Iran

“[G]iven the strict media censorship by the government, the lack of transparency of the Iranian court system, and the systematic promotion of social and cultural homophobia by the government, it is next to impossible to state categorically that individuals have or have not been executed for consensual same-sex relations. The government has a documented history of charging individuals, including men suspected of same-sex activities as well as political opponents and others, with bogus crimes, such as drug dealing or rape. Under government pressure, and in some cases to protect confidentiality, many lawyers choose not to share details of their clients’ cases with international rights groups, and many families of prisoners cover up “sodomy charges,” which are considered a social taboo. Under the circumstances, no one exactly knows how many executions of individuals involved in consensual same-sex relations occur in Iran.”

Read the full article: http://huff.to/1xpzr5K

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