Affirmation of Anti-Baha’i Activities by Hojjat’ul’ Islam Sadeghi, Cultural Deputy of Judiciary Branch

Clear example of violation of the rights of Baha’i citizens by a Deputy of Judiciary Branch of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the “Conference of the Religions” in Iran

In that summit, Hadi Sadeghi declared: “According to Islam, anyone can freely choose their faith and If you see groups around the world taking actions (against others) in the name of Islam, indeed they are apart from Islam and in fact these violent groups with specific ideologies try to destroy the beautiful name of Islam and want to confront the monotheistic concepts in the world.” “Islam has invited followers of different religions to coexist peacefully”, he added.

“Religions such as the Baha’i faith who claim to be a new religion and are supported by the fake regimes such as Zionism, are not considered religion in Iran; therefore, the objections of the human rights groups who ask us to accept the Baha’i as a religion is baseless”, he declared.

“Acknowledging these false religions will open a can of worms and every day a new religion will grow like mushrooms such as what we see as New Sufism today”, Sadeghi continued.

“If necessary, we will legally pursue matters in regards to these issues brought up in this meeting”, he said.


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