When You Trade Religion for Freedom


“Christian convert and house-church leader Rasoul Abdollahi has been released from prison after serving 15 months of his three-year sentence. His release, however, was granted on the condition that he sign an agreement not to participate in any… Read More

Free Farshid Campaign


1. Sign the petition here for his release 2.Tweet birthday messages and images for Farshid to Iran’s Supreme Leader (@Khamenei_ir) and Iran’s state television (@PressTV): this will show Iran that Farshid is known and loved around the world. Remember to… Read More

Muslim Man Arrested for Contact with Christian Institutions

According to a report from HRANA, Yousef Hassan Zadeh was arrested on August 27 on charges of association with Christian organizations abroad. Hassan Zadeh was reportedly arrested as he was returning from the pharmacy and then taken to an… Read More

Convert to Christianity Arrested in Esfahan

Mohammad Taslimi, a new convert to Christianity was arrested in Esfahan on September 1st. According to a report from HRANA, Mr. Taslimi, was arrested from his residence and taken for interrogation and detention. At the time of arrest,… Read More

Five Christian Converts Arrested

At least five converts to Christianity have been arrested in Esfahan. In the past 24 hours, following the arrest of Mohammad Taslimi on September 1, at least four more men and women have reportedly been taken to the… Read More

Christians, Bahai’s and Sunni’s arrested

In the past week (since August 26), at least five Christians, two Bahai’s, and three Sunni Muslims have reportedly been arrested for religious based causes. A Sunni prisoner suffering from emotional distress and two Gonabadi Derwishes have been sent… Read More

Pastor Behnam Irani Faces 18 New Charges

Pastor Behnam Irani was accused of “mofsed fil arz” or spreading corruption on earth, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide. CSW executive director, Mervyn Thomas expressed that he is “deeply concerned” stating that “[s]uch charges are tantamount to an indictment… Read More

President Obama’s Spiritual Advisor Asks for Clemency for Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Case in Iran


June 11, 2014 Source: The ACLJ  By Jordan Sekulow  Pastor Joel Hunter, known as President Obama’s spiritual advisor, recently returned from a trip to Iran where he raised American Pastor Saeed Abedini’s case with Iranian officials.  Pastor Hunter stated that he “specifically”… Read More

Iran Steps Up Campaign of Terror against House Churches

May 30, 2014 Written by Morning Star News ISTANBUL, Turkey (Morning Star News) – Iran’s secret police and Revolutionary Guard are subjecting Christians to a continuing wave of arrests, and increased torture and brutal beatings, in an effort to… Read More