A Shift in Rhetoric on LGBTI by Iran

“[G]iven the strict media censorship by the government, the lack of transparency of the Iranian court system, and the systematic promotion of social and cultural homophobia by the government, it is next to impossible to state categorically that… Read More

Iranian survey finds 17% of Iranian young adults report being gay

Source: Glaad By Joeli Katz, Youth Issues Intern |  August 11, 2014 An official report issued by Iran’s parliamentary research department has uncovered a surprising fact: 17% of young adults surveyed said that they are gay. In this conservative and deeply… Read More

Pathologizing Identities Paralyzing Bodies

Pathologizing Identities, Paralyzing Bodies: Human Rights Violations Against Gay, Lesbian and Transgender People in Iran A Report by: Justice for Iran & Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network (6Rang) June 2014 The present report illustrates the impacts of the foregoing treatments on… Read More