We invite you to partner with us on issues and actions that matter to you.


  • Empower and strengthen a unique human rights network of diverse individuals and organizations, solely committed to pursuing equal treatment under the law for Iran’s women, LGBT and minorities
  • Amplify the voices of your community among new and previously indifferent audiences
  • Participate in coalition development as we seek to build bridges with other communities with shared interests and similar experiences
  • Associate voluntarily and opt out if necessary
  • Access and share collective resources that can facilitate the cause
  • Mitigate the risks of speaking out by joining a collective mass that stands up for your needs
  • Eliminate or reduce duplication of efforts and optimize our collective energies through coordinated and cohesive strategies
  • Develop and use political influence that will impact the policy making process in the US and around the world


  • Commit to the main purpose of the alliance: to stand for human rights and promote equal rights for women, LGBT and minorities in Iran
  • Respect and safeguard the dignity of Iran’s geographic boundaries
  • Respect every group and member of the coalition regardless of ideological or religious differences
  • Respect the rights of allies to selectively engage in ARAM’s campaigns and opt out of participation for any reason
  • Serve as an asset and a catalyst for human rights in your own community and beyond