What we do

ARAM’s mission is to promote equal rights for women, LGBT groups and minorities through public advocacy and awareness strategies that advance human rights and address Iran’s discriminatory laws.
To achieve this mission, ARAM has a three-pronged approach that seeks to educate, advocate, and empower:
➤ Educate: To raise awareness about human rights violations and inequalities of Islamic Republic’s legal system
➤ Advocate: To use the power of a diverse coalition to organize and implement public policy campaigns that promote justice, fairness and safety for all Iranians
➤ Empower: To serve as allies for affected communities by coalition building and engaging in a global dialogue regarding human rights in Iran.
• Serve as an expansive network and empowering coalition that amplifies the voices and resources of diaspora Iranians to shape policies that improve human rights in Iran
• Collaborate with a select network of human rights activists, reporters and members of the impacted communities in Iran to obtain and disseminate information about the ongoing treatment and conditions of minorities, women and LGBT groups
• Optimize the use of social media to activate a two-way communication and grassroots engagement between the people of Iran and their international human rights allies
• Facilitate the participation of Iranians and the international community in dialogues about human rights and public advocacy for laws that honor all individuals regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and other characteristics.